April 2, 2023
ZeytinDalı Magazine said ‘aster’ with its 100th issue ZeytinDalı Magazine said 'aster' with its 100th issue

ZeytinDalı Magazine said ‘aster’ with its 100th issue

The local culture / history and literature magazine, ZeytinDalı, which has been published continuously for 27 years, is proud to publish its 100th issue.

KİLİS (İGFA) – As the media organ of Kilis Cultural Association, Kilis Branch Presidency, ZeytinDalı continues its broadcasting life with the slogan “Kilis’s Culture Voice”, saying “aster” with its new 100th issue. Kilis has gained a respectable place among the local cultural treasures of our country in general.

Kilis Cultural Association Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kilis Branch, who made statements on the subject and was proud to publish the 100th issue; ZeytinDalı Magazine Owner and Editor-in-Chief Muhlis Salihoğlu said, “Stating that they have fulfilled this important cultural service with great devotion for 27 years as if raising a child with care, they crowned this success with the 100th issue.

ZeytinDalı’s Emphasizing that the most important factor that is expected to attract so much attention from Kilis residents living in and outside of Kilis with excitement and curiosity is “to be loved from the heart” and “to serve only the Kilis culture”, Salihoğlu said that in this process, the material-spiritual I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who contributed with their support and encouraged us with their good wishes and appreciations shared via social media. In addition, I owe a debt of gratitude to our friends who have given all kinds of support to ZeytinDalı, which takes its place in the cultural treasury of Kilis and is a reference source in every research about Kilis and has reached 10 volumes as of today.

On the cover of

” In the new 100th issue of ZeytinDalı, where Kilis Synagogue is; Muhlis Salihoğlu “Bringing the Days”, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Ali Yıldırım “Establishment of Kilis High School”, Dr. Lecturer Armağan Zöhre, “Some Divan Poets Raised in Kilis”, Hasan Bitken “The Human Mosaic in Kilis in 1915’s”, Halil İnce “Kilis During the Armistice Period”, Dr. Lecturer Member Gülşah Parlak Kalkan has featured with her articles “Kilis from the Language of Signboards”, Zehra Eraslan “If Zennup Aunt Goes to a Dietician”, Mutlu Naim Salihoğlu “A Cultural Value of Kilis”.

The magazine also includes news and events from Kilis, Our Heroes of National Forces, Leaves from History, Portraits, Kilis mayors album, Kilis Humor, Our Suffering Losses.

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