May 29, 2023
Zeybek recital in Ankara Zeybek recital in Ankara

Zeybek recital in Ankara

Mehmet Şimşek, former President of Umurlu Ulku Ocakları, continues to promote his hometown Aydın with folk dances belonging to the Aegean region in Ankara.

Kamil KAZANKAYA (AYDIN) – Mamak Municipality in Ankara Mehmet Şimşek, who works in the unit affiliated to the Directorate of Private Secretary, performed Aydın zeybeği and various zeybek dances with the folklore team in the event organized by Mamak Municipality to support musicians and artists recently.

Mehmet Şimşek, former President of Umurlu Ülkü Ocakları, said that while continuing the Aydın and Aegean culture in Ankara, where they live, they continue to contribute to their own region, efe-zeybek culture. Saying, “We performed zeybek dances of our region within the scope of cultural activities organized by Mamak Municipality in order to support musicians and artists,” said Şimşek, “We both gave morale to our citizens here during the epidemic period and we also promoted our Aydın region. In this sense, we would like to thank our Mamak Mayor Murat Köse, who gave us this opportunity and supported our citizens and artists by organizing such activities especially during the epidemic period ”.

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