December 6, 2023
“Zero Waste” registration with Sur Yapı in Bursa "Zero Waste" registration with Sur Yapı in Bursa

“Zero Waste” registration with Sur Yapı in Bursa

Turkey’s elite brands, to meet with the people of Bursa Sur Construction Brand Mall, the environment and the sensitivity of the human health Environment and Urban Planning Ministry’s “Zero Waste” taking the document was registered.

THIS {3 } RSA (İGFA) – While Sur Yapı Marka AVM, one of the leading brands of the retail sector throughout the country and in Bursa, continues to meet all the basic needs of Bursa residents with 250 stores, it also joined the “Zero Waste Management System”. With the “Zero Waste” certificate put into practice by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, it has registered its environmental and human health awareness.

Sur Yapı Marka Shopping Mall aims primarily to prevent waste and use resources more efficiently with its Zero Waste Management System. {2nd}

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