December 5, 2023
Zero waste move from BOSAB to the future Zero waste move from BOSAB to the future

Zero waste move from BOSAB to the future

Barakfakih Organized Industrial Zone (BOSAB) made an important move in the name of sustainable development with the Zero Waste Certificate it was entitled to receive.

BURSA (İGFA) – Barakfakih Organized Industrial Zone (BOSAB) continues its activities in line with the principles of sustainable development with effective management of raw materials and natural resources. Aiming to protect the environment, human health and all resources in waste management processes, BOSAB has been awarded the Zero Waste Certificate, which allows the establishment of the Zero Waste Management System, from Bursa Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization.


BOSAB Board Member Erdogan Akyıldız stated that they strive to be an exemplary OIZ in every field and said, “As BOSAB, a livable environment is always our priority. We have adopted the main duty to produce by protecting our natural resources and to contribute to the economy. Sustainable development principles to control waste in the framework of an advanced next-generation clean and Turkey have done our part of the point of a livable world and will continue to do so. We have focused on Turkey’s best to work for among the OSB on the first day of determination, “he said.


Infrastructure work despite the adverse weather conditions Noting that obtaining a Zero Waste Certificate is another motivation factor while continuing without interruption, Akyıldız said, “We increase the pace in our road and infrastructure works every day. As Barakfakih Organized Industrial Zone, we will be a role model not only in Bursa but throughout the country in many other studies in the name of protecting the environment, just like in zero waste ”.

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