May 29, 2023
Yozgat residents in France also federated Yozgat residents in France also federated

Yozgat residents in France also federated

Associations representing around 50 Yozgat residents living in France came together and established the French Federation of Yozgat Associations.

YOZGAT (İGFA) – Yozgat people in France also established a federation. Nuri Pasha Meriç, the director of the Yozgat Saraykent People Association, which operates in Lyon, France, was appointed as the president of the Federation of Associations from Yozgat in France, which was established in Lyon. Association President Meriç had a feast of tandoori kebab and Arabaşı for the association’s presidents due to the first founding meeting. At the meeting, the citizens of Yozgat joined the ranks of the World Confederation of Yozgat, whose short name is DUYKON, who formed a union under the umbrella of a federation in France, where various countries of Europe are also included.
President of the Federation of Yozgat and Yozgat Saraykentli Association Nuri Pasha Meriç, DUYKON European Press Representative Doğan Tufan said ‘ In a statement he made, he explained that 50 Yozgat lovers and the president of the association and business people united and founded the Federation of Yozgat people by believing that power will arise from unity and said, “We will serve our fellow countrymen in France under the leadership and guidance of our DUYKON Confederation. Our Federation of Yozgat people in France said “good luck and good luck to all our fellow townsmen.”

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