April 2, 2023
Young producers from Muğla will be taken to the agricultural camp Young producers from Muğla will be taken to the agricultural camp

Young producers from Muğla will be taken to the agricultural camp

An information meeting was held for the producers by the Bodrum Municipality Agricultural Services Directorate of Muğla. Accordingly, it was decided to held for the first time agricultural camp in Turkey for young producers.

Mugla (IGF A) – Bodrum Municipality in Bahçeyaka Quarter Agricultural R & D and Local Seed Center ‘ Regional muhtars and municipal council members, TARKO (Agricultural Development Cooperative) president Cesur Öncel, Bodrum Chamber of Agriculture President Mehmet Melengeç, Bodrum District Directorate of Agriculture, Mumcular Agricultural Credit Cooperative officials and producers attended the meeting.

Agricultural Services Directorate Mr. Tayfun Yılmaz, Deputy Mayor of Bodrum, drew attention to the importance of production in his speech, in which he gave information to the participants about the projects implemented for agriculture in 16 months and their targets. Yilmaz, who asked for support from citizens who own lands in Kavaklı Darbogaz Region for the “Clustering Model in Agricultural Production” project, stated that all kinds of support will be given to the producers in line with the possibilities of the municipality. Following Yılmaz, TARKO President Cesur Öncel, Municipal Council Member Aşkın Finger, Bodrum Chamber of Agriculture President Mehmet Melengeç and Sabri Güngör, who is a producer in Kavaklı Darboğaz Area, also made speeches on the subject.

Bodrum Deputy Mayor Tayfun Yılmaz made a statement at the end of the meeting; Stating that they met with the stakeholders of agriculture, the representatives of the cooperative, chamber of agriculture, the representatives of the District Directorate of Agriculture and the producers and evaluated the planting-planting activities they will start as of March 1, he emphasized that they think they will receive serious support in terms of incentives for production.


Adding that the Clustering Model in Agricultural Production project is continuing, Yılmaz said, “We have solved the electricity and water issues of approximately 1,500 decares of land in Kavaklı Darboğaz located in this cluster model. And executing a purchase guaranteed seedling grant to it pursuant to which manufacturers by encouraging them to production we want to contribute to the basement economy. “


in Turkey Tayfun Yılmaz, who gave information about the agricultural camp, which will be a first, said, “The agricultural camp we will organize in Etrim Region will attract the attention of young people to agriculture, and will create serious routes in terms of the integration of agriculture with tourism. The camp will start on May 15th. We are planning a one-week camp consisting of 6 terms, including 3 terms for Bodrum residents and 3 terms for all young people in the country, and a total of 180 young people, including 30 people, where we will do only agricultural activities. Applications will be received as of March 15, ”he said.

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