May 31, 2023

Young people who miss football in Mardin ran to training

In Mardin, which is among the low-risk provinces in the coronavirus risk map, training has started at amateur football schools within the scope of controlled normalization. After normalization in the historical city, young people who missed football ran to training.

MARDİN (İGFA) – Amateur football players who started training after a year in Mardin stated that they missed football and they were happy to start training again with our teachers.

{1 } Trainer Faris Çalbay, who performed their first training with the students at the football course opened within the Public Education Center, stated that the activities of amateur football schools throughout the country have been stopped for about 1 year due to the epidemic and said that they restarted their activities after controlled normalization.

1 year from the pandemic Stating that they could not train because of the reason, Çalbay said, “The passion of our youth for football turned into a flame. He missed football very much. I hope this pandemic will end as soon as possible and we will continue our normal sportive life. Our goal in our football school is to raise national football and new stars for the national team. ”

Artuklu Public Education Center Director Ufuk Çete said that they take care to stand by the youth in terms of sports.

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