May 29, 2023
Yağmur saved the future of Siirt pistachio Yağmur saved the future of Siirt pistachio

Yağmur saved the future of Siirt pistachio

After a long drought, the rains that were effective throughout Siirt brought abundance to the agricultural areas.

SİİRT (İGFA) – Siirt Agriculture Chamber President Hüseyin Günbat said that the rain that fell in the last week fed the soil, He stated that he wished the rains, which are more valuable than fertilizers for all plants, especially cereals, to continue.

Expressing that there will be no problem in irrigated agriculture with the continuation of the rains, Günbat said, “At the moment, the amount of rainfall for the gardens is sufficient for the crops. But our spring waters and dry streams have not flowed yet. He said that the current rain has satisfied our farmers.

Stating that the lack of rainfall will increase the prices of peanuts, Günbat said, “Peanuts have come to life with the rains. If this drought continued like this, maybe the current market value of Siirt pistachio was around 70-80 TL next year and it would go up to 200 TL per year. Because the pistachio would be less, the quality would decrease. Therefore, these rains are the most contributing pistachios to Siirt’s economy. Our peanuts, God willing, with these rains, we will obtain quality products this year as in previous years ”.

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