May 29, 2023
Women of the Sun also became cooperative in Bursa Women of the Sun also became cooperative in Bursa

Women of the Sun also became cooperative in Bursa

The 12th of the ‘Güneşin Women Initiative and Production Cooperative’, which started two years ago under the leadership of İYİ Party Chairman Meral Akşener and continued under the coordination of Women’s Policy President Ayşe Sibel Yanıkömeroğlu, was founded in Bursa under the chairmanship of Hüsniye Pıtırlı.

BURSA (İGFA) – With the Güneşin Women’s Enterprise and Production Cooperative, which was established within the scope of the project initiated to support women’s employment and at the same time gain women’s economic freedom, it will be ensured that women are more involved in working life.
İYİ Party Bursa Provincial Woman Policies Head Hüsniye Pıtırlı said, “The main thing is to appreciate women’s labor and to increase employment opportunities.” Women of Cooperatives women Solar strengthen by including both in economic life, both in economic and social life is intended to enable participation in the President noted Pıtırl the “Women’s assessment of the labor and women’s employment participation of increase for the establishment of women’s cooperatives launched in Turkey within the scope of the work, the first women’s cooperatives March 14 It was founded in Adana in 2020 under the name of ‘Women of the Sun Çukurova Cooperative’. Although the project initially seemed to aim to empower women economically, it was planned as a study that would have many social benefits in the medium and long term. With the cooperatives aimed to be established in all provinces, it will be ensured that the necessary organization is established for women to be able to produce and also to market their products, and to achieve significant added value with small investments.

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