September 25, 2023
Women entrepreneurs will unite under one roof in Bayburt Women entrepreneurs will unite under one roof in Bayburt

Women entrepreneurs will unite under one roof in Bayburt

An evaluation meeting was held in Bayburt within the framework of the Cooperation Protocol for the Strengthening of Women’s Cooperatives signed between the Ministries of Family, Labor and Social Services, Agriculture and Forestry and Trade.

BAYBURT (İGFA) – The meeting held in Bayburt within the scope of the Cooperation for Strengthening was held at the Teachers’ House. At the meeting where opinions and suggestions on expanding the number and scope of women’s cooperatives across the province were discussed, Bayburt Governor Cüneyt Epcim pointed out that the Presidency’s 100-day Action Plan included the title of establishing and maintaining women’s cooperatives. Exemplifying the tarragon cultivation project, Governor Epcim stated that this should be achieved in Bayburt scale, and said, “Last year, we supported nearly 30 women producers, let’s not just think in a cooperative perspective, especially in terms of tarragon cultivation. Among these producers, there were those who increased their income levels very seriously, and even earned twice the minimum wage on an annual basis. Can we support our women a little more? We will work on these a little more. ”

Noting that they aim to achieve through the cooperative plan worked on last year, especially in the context of the agricultural production cooperative, Governor Epcim, a cooperative for manufacturing; He said that handicraft is something women can do with manual labor. Stating that if there are two women producers from each village, they can reach approximately 400 producers on a cooperative basis. “At this point, our job is not too difficult. As long as we try a little bit. The important thing is not to establish a cooperative, but how can we make it sustainable, how can these institutions develop more while we are not there, we should always consider this. ”

At the meeting, Kemal Gümrükçü, Provincial Director of Family, Labor and Social Services, and Erkan, Provincial Director of Trade. He talked about the support for rich women entrepreneurs and cooperatives. {2nd}

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