September 27, 2023
Where are the lost neighborhoods of Mardin? Where are the lost neighborhoods of Mardin?

Where are the lost neighborhoods of Mardin?

Religious Foundation of Turkey

According to the information contained in the 28 volumes Encyclopaedia of Islam, which was detected in 10 districts of Mardin names in the records of the Ottoman period. While it is not known where these neighborhoods are today, no research has been done on this subject so far. The names of the quarters in question have been changed or nobody knows where they are.

MARDİN (İGFA) – Mardin Osmanlı, which was home to many civilizations, was the names of 10 neighborhoods that were registered and registered during the period of Bâb- i cedid, Zerrâk a, Kıssîs, Bâbü’l-hammare, Kolasa, Umbrella, Zeitun Kâmil and Bimaristan, Yahûdiyyân) turned out to be.

Turkey Religious Foundation according to information contained in Islam Encyclopedia 28 volumes, It was determined that 10 neighborhoods identified in the records belonging to the Ottoman period remained the same throughout the 16th century and the population increased gradually. In addition, the Venetian merchant J. Barbaro, who came to Mardin from Urfa in 1471, found that there were around 300 houses in the city, and it was recorded that it was estimated that 1,500 people lived in the city before the Ottoman Administration.


Researcher and author İbrahim Yüksel, Bâb-ı Cedîd, Zerrâka, Kıssîs, Bâbü’l-hammâre, Kölâşi identified in the first Ottoman period records He said that the original names of 10 neighborhoods named Umbrella, Zeytûn, Kamil and Bîmâristan, Yahûdiyyân shed light on history.

Explaining that the original names of many neighborhoods of Mardin, which has a history of 7 thousand years, Yüksel said that the old neighborhoods that shed light on this history He said he did not approve of their names changing. Drawing attention to the importance of the old neighborhoods that have shed light on history for thousands of years with their identified history, the researcher and author Yüksel said, “For example, Yahudiyan is the summary of history. Bimaristan District is the city’s hospital. Umbrella District symbolizes the neighborhood of sun worshipers. Therefore, these neighborhood names, which have an original historical feature, are important. Staying with the original name is more appropriate for the culture of the city and is also important in terms of shedding light on history ”.

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