April 2, 2023
We cannot find an apprentice to teach the art of coppersmithing We cannot find an apprentice to teach the art of coppersmithing

We cannot find an apprentice to teach the art of coppersmithing

While the shops in the historical Coppersmiths Market in Mardin resist technology, the brothers Mehmet (56) and Ahmet Özcan (49), one of the few masters in the city, are trying to keep alive the professions they have been maintaining for 40 years and are about to disappear. Ahmet Özcan stated that they worked with the love of the first day and said, “In the past, there were neither aluminum, chrome nor glass equipment. Kitchen utensils are all greedy and all copper supplies were sent from Mardin to Turkey. Today there are 3-5 coppersmiths left in Mardin. ”

MARDİN (İGFA) – The brothers Mehmet and Ahmet Özcan, who continue their father’s profession in the historical Bakırcılar Bazaar in Mardin, continues with daily love. In the historical bazaar, where more than 200 coppersmiths once stood, the numbers of the craftsmen, whose numbers have decreased with the increase in the interest in glass, aluminum and chrome equipment, are trying to keep their professions, which are about to disappear in the historical city, despite all the negativities. Stating that Mardin was number one 60 years ago in coppersmithing, Ahmet Özcan said, “10-15 workers were working in each shop. A term copper were sent home supplies produced anywhere in Mardin, Turkey. However, 3-5 coppersmiths remained in Mardin today. We are all relatives, ”he said. The two brothers are trying to keep the coppersmithing that is about to disappear.


Özcan said: “I have been doing this profession for 40 years. I am also satisfied with my job. After the emergence of glass, porcelain and chrome, the art of coppersmith was negatively affected, but I can say that it is starting to revive again upon the advice of the doctors. For health reasons, copper is always recommended. Whatever you do in copper is fine. We use copper appliances in our house. We do not use any containers or equipment other than copper. In the past, there were neither aluminum, chrome nor glassware. Kitchen utensils were all made of copper. Mardin is the first in mastership in coppersmithing. They are all hand forged, we shape the copper layers from the factory by beating them with a mallet and hammer. We are making trays or pots. ”


Mehmet Özcan, on the other hand, stated that the dishes cooked in copper pots are more delicious and said:” Let’s say now. you will buy a copper pot, you will use it, your children and grandchildren will use it. But nothing happens to him. You will only tin a few times. The food that swells in it is delicious and healthy. This is the property of copper. For example, copper jug ​​keeps water or buttermilk cold. It keeps the tea cooked in the teapot warm. Copper mine has many features. You can cook any food you want in the copper window, such as stuffed beans, beans, cauliflower, stringing, casserole. It has a lot of flavor ”

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