May 31, 2023
We ate the most white meat on New Year’s Eve We ate the most white meat on New Year's Eve

We ate the most white meat on New Year’s Eve

Turkey Retailers Federation (TPF) President Omar properly, citizens entering their homes over new year with family, most white meat from the market prior restraint, has announced the purchase of nuts and fruit.

ISTANBUL (IGF A) – Turkey Retailers Federation (TPF), evaluated the December Christmas week sales mainly in local chain. Turkey 80 hours due to restrictions in general we welcomed the new year in our homes, coronavirus and noted that increased consumption due to the requirements of TPF President Omar properly; He noted that apart from the basic food demand, the needs of the citizens changed due to the restrictions in the New Year’s week.

Ömer Düzgün noted that the sales in local chain markets increased by 30 percent compared to the previous month and 40 percent compared to the same week of 2020 due to the 80-hour restriction. Düzgün stated that the minimum purchase amount was between 70-80 TL in line with the information obtained from PERDER members in 14 regions affiliated to TPF.


Düzgün stated that the sales of fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts, which are indispensable for shopping baskets on New Year’s Eve, ranked high as expected and said, “Sales of nuts, chips and snacks, especially in metropolitan areas, were realized over 60 percent. Consumers preferred white meat for meat. During New Year’s week, the increase in poultry in local chains, including turkey, reached 40 percent. Red meat sales were at the level of 15 percent. ”

In the New Year’s shopping basket of 2021, most of the products included in the New Year’s shopping basket are eggs, cheese, sunflower oil, tea, minced meat, other than dried nuts, vegetables and fruits, white and red meat. , mineral water, raw meatballs, bacon, bread, soft drink, chestnut and grape leaves.

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