May 31, 2023
We are building quality residences in Didim We are building quality residences in Didim

We are building quality residences in Didim

Necdet Özer, the owner of Necdet Yapı, which operates in Aydın’s Didim district, said that they are building quality residences throughout the district and said, “We want to be at the forefront of our business.”

Businessperson Necdet Özer, owner of Necdet Yapı, operating in the construction and real estate sector in Didim, met with the press members for breakfast in Didim. While Özer hosted the breakfast held at the Grand Dıdyma Hotel, Didim Working Journalists Association President Bahri Yaba and press members attended.

Necdet Özer, who celebrated the January 10 Working Journalists’ Day of the press, albeit delayed, has been in Didim for many years. reminding that they operate in the company, “We employ 250 personnel, 230 in construction and 20 in our company. We strive to build quality residences in the district. We want to stand out with our business. In this sense, we know the importance of the press and we will be in better relations from now on. ”

The Chairman of the Didim Working Journalists Association, Bahri Yaba, thanked businessperson Necdet Özer, who welcomed them and reached a consensus on the steps to be taken in collaboration with the press. He expressed that they were ready. At the end of the breakfast, Özer gave the press members an agenda and a pen.

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