December 5, 2023
Waterfall froze in Nazilli Waterfall froze in Nazilli

Waterfall froze in Nazilli

the extreme cold weather in recent days in Turkey, Nazilli also create interesting images. A small waterfall formed by melting snow waters in Kaşıkçılar Mahallesi froze.

The black winter, which was effective throughout the country, caused snowfall in the high parts of Nazilli. Due to the temperatures that dropped to minus 5 degrees during the night hours, interesting images have occurred in Kaşıkçılar District.

As the weather began to melt with the warming of the weather, a small waterfall formed in the neighborhood froze with the melting of the snow water in the mountains. While the citizens could not hide their astonishment at the sight they saw, interesting images were recorded with mobile phones.

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