April 2, 2023
Volunteer fire from Fethiye basketball fans Volunteer fire from Fethiye basketball fans

Volunteer fire from Fethiye basketball fans

A fan group named SONPERİYOT48, founded by Fethiye basketball fans, released a reproachful statement after the game Frutti Extra Bursaspor – Lokman Hekim Fethiye Belediyespor.

Recently, the district for babies with SMA The long-lasting supporter of Fethiye Belediyespor, Frutti Extra Bursaspor, made a statement after what happened in the game.

The following statements were made:


Except for Beşiktaş and Büyükçekmece in Istanbul, Karşıyaka and Aliağa in İzmir, we are the only team that has a district name that competes in the Super League this season. For example, in this sense only in 911 districts in Turkey.

Fethiye Lokman Physician Belediyespor as our main goal; To fight ambitiously but gentlemanly to the last ball in every match, to contribute to the spread of the quality in ING Basketball Super League, which is considered one of the best leagues in Europe, to the league, to represent the competitive spirit of basketball as the representative of the Mediterranean region in the Super League, Bandırma To create an example of a city that loves basketball, to sleep with basketball, to support our club and basketball as a supporter on this blessed and challenging road, to add new players and basketball fans to Turkish basketball, to add color to the league with the victories we have won against big circles such as Galatasaray and Beşiktaş, Turkish It can be summarized as bringing the game to the last moment against the giants such as Telekom, Anadolu Efes, Pınar Karşıyaka and showing the struggle level of the league to the whole Europe. As the municipality administration and the district public struggled with such good faith and gentlemanly, After what we experienced in Bursa, we started to think that we were not wanted in this league. We have no promises to our valuable rival Frutti Extra Bursaspor! We hosted them in Fethiye and they hosted us in Bursa very well. But when there was 59 seconds to finish in the Bursa match and our team was ahead 83-84, a person in an orange shirt (allegations that he was a referee?) Played with the fate of the match by creating a technical foul on the grounds that our player Emir Gökalp was acting to deceive him.
In this position There is a clear push of the Bursaspor player. So, did Emir Gökalp exaggerate the situation? So what did he exaggerate? Has he thrown himself to the ground? With the heaviest interpretation, it can be said that maybe he took a step more. But he immediately took the defensive position. Many such positions can be seen in every match. But “real referees” do not even give a warning in these situations, unless it is very clear. Especially in such a critical moment of the match, more attention should be paid to the decisions made.
In that position, the person in the orange shirt makes a 5 signal to our player Emir Gökalp. He probably says “I warned you 5 times before, you didn’t get smarter”? We’ve never seen something like this in the halls before. If a player has tried to deceive the referee exactly 5 times in a match, it is done at that time. It is not possible to accumulate and process. If there are basketball authorities who think differently about this position, we would like to listen to them as well.
Our last word to the esteemed elders of the Turkish basketball world: Since the beginning of the season, we see that the whistles are constantly being played against us at critical moments, especially against big teams or in critical matches. We are sure that you too can see, know and hear. The “pushing” of Fethiye from the league will deal a great blow to the love of basketball, which is already tried to be kept alive with extremely narrow means in Anatolia. Authorities they continue a little more like, Super League Turkey will cease to be the league, Ankara – Istanbul – Izmir will remain stunted as a league.
We are obviously proud to have played in the Basketball Super League in Fethiye. However, we want it to be known that we are not a Club that can be treated like a “small team” and spend comfortably. If we do not go beyond our mission of supporters that we have carried out with respect until today, this is; First of all, our mayor, then our Club management, our love, respect and trust for our teacher Alkım Ay. As Fethiye, we play both in TBL and TBL2. What is important for us is; It’s not what league we play in, it’s basketball. Before the pandemic, every home game was played in front of crowded stands and when the stands opened, no matter which league we were in, we will continue to play in front of the full stands. We try to fight professionally without losing our amateur spirit. We respectfully request that you put an end to your policy of humiliating and marginalizing us.

We do not want the referee decisions, which will cast a shadow on our struggle, to diminish our love for basketball, our trust in our Federation officials and referees, who have brought Turkish basketball to a certain point both at the national team level and the league. . ”

Because Fethiye is better with basketball! {2nd}

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