May 31, 2023
Visit from ‘Internet Journalists’ to MHP in Kayseri Visit from 'Internet Journalists' to MHP in Kayseri

Visit from ‘Internet Journalists’ to MHP in Kayseri

Kayseri Internet Journalists Association (KİGADER) President Duygu Uludaşdemir and board members Mehmet Uzel, Mustafa Sivaslıoğlu, İsmail Yıldız and Öner Çalış visited Serkan Tok, MHP Kayseri Provincial Chairman.

KAYSERİ (İGFA – During the MHP Kayseri Provincial Presidency visit, KİGADER President Duygu Uludaşdemir, who discussed the problems in the press, stated that the recent attacks on the press upset them. Stating that they are doing their best for accurate, impartial and principled journalism, KİGADER said, “We are gathering under one roof as an association and we continue our efforts to spread digital journalism in a fast and accurate way”. Expressing his satisfaction with the visit, MHP Kayseri Provincial Chairman Serkan Tok said, “We are in favor of publishing the news correctly. It is obvious that you members of the press work for labor and under what difficult conditions. We will work to give the support we can. I wish you continued success ”.

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