May 29, 2023
Vehicle allocation for a mobile library in Kayseri Talas Vehicle allocation for a mobile library in Kayseri Talas

Vehicle allocation for a mobile library in Kayseri Talas

A mobile library vehicle, prepared for rural citizens to reach the book in Talas district in Kayseri, was put into service by Talas Municipality.

KAYSERİ (İGFA) – Talas Mayor Mustafa Yalçın presented the travel library vehicle to the service of the district people with a ceremony. At the ceremony at the 24/7 Library and Culture Center, a protocol was signed between Talas Municipality and the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism for the allocation of a mobile library vehicle.

Speaking at the ceremony, Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Dr. Şükrü Dursun gave information about the vehicle and said, “We have another mobile library attached to our District Public Library here. So it’s a mobile tool. For readers who cannot come to the central library, books will be taken with this vehicle. There are currently 1,500 books and will be updated constantly. Internet service is also available in the vehicle. We work in great harmony with our president. He attaches great importance to the library. I thank them very much for these services. ”


Noting that the city’s only 24/7 library is in Talas. Chairman Mustafa Yalçın said that they will send the mobile library to every neighborhood for our readers who cannot reach here. Stating that when going to the rural neighborhood, children and parents will read a book accompanied by the staff with tea and coffee from the social facility, Mayor Yalçın said, “This vehicle is the first one, I hope it will be two or more later.”

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