December 6, 2023


Turkey’s biggest marathon race, Iznik Ultra Marathon, has come to an end. Nearly a thousand athletes from 15 countries ran for two days between the 2,500-year-old history and unique nature of Iznik. The start of the competition in the Orhangazi region was given from the lake shore and Narlıca. Orhangazi has not been in the Ultra Marathon organization for the last 3 years.

With the local support of Iznik Municipality, Turkey’s most popular and biggest trail race “Iznik Ultra Marathon” has come to an end. Along the Samanlı and Katırlı Mountains, the competitors toured around Lake Iznik among olive groves and fields without entering the forest. Nearly 1000 athletes from 15 countries participated in the races organized for the 9th time. On the new tracks, the athletes experienced an adventurous race by crossing the natural tracks of 150, 70, 48, 32, 25 and 14 km. The event ended with a 5km Unesco Run and a children’s run.

The Mayor of Iznik Kağan Mehmet Usta, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Foreign Relations Department Head Abdulkerim Baştürk, District Gendarme Command Captain Tuncay Doğan, Chamber of Commerce and Industry attended the award ceremony. Deputy Chairman Ömer Sindel, representatives of many private companies, competitors and their families attended.


Iznik Ultra tracks were run on 90% dirt roads. In addition, the runners experienced a different atmosphere during the race, with the support and moral applause of the citizens from 7 to 70 in the villages. The marathon, which started under the sun on the race tracks, gave way to cool weather, fog and rain as it entered the countryside. Ultra Marathon runners experienced 4 seasons together in August in Iznik.

Iznik Mayor Kağan Mehmet Usta, in his speech at the award ceremony, said, “Due to the pandemic last year, the Iznik Ultra tracks were quiet and sad. This year it’s been festive again. We hope to see you here in the coming years. I congratulate all our competitors who ran the tracks.”


Most of the 150km longest run of Turkey’s largest marathon passes through the borders of Orhangazi. In addition, the start of the 70 km track and the 55 km track is given from Orhangazi. Orhangazi Municipality, which was the organization partner of the marathon in previous years, was setting up stands for the competitors in the district borders, and the starts from Orhangazi and Narlıca were held with a ceremony. However, the Municipality, which withdrew from the organization in 2019 and 2020, rejected the offer of the organization firm this year due to financial issues. In the country’s largest marathon, Orhangazi’s name was mentioned only with the starting points of the track.


The longest track of the Iznik Ultra Marathon, 150 km, with 20 hours and 26 minutes. Ferhat Semiz became The second was Ahmet Say and the third was Savaş Lütfi Kara. Ferhat Semiz, the winner of the longest track, 150 Km, owned the olives by his weight.

Starting from Orhangazi and ending in Iznik at 70 km, Mahmut Yavuz became the first in men and Seda Kurtuldu in women. Mestan Turhan was the first in men and Elena Polyakova was the first in women at 55 km starting from Narlıca. At 35 km starting from Göllüce, the men’s winner was Muhammed Ceylani, while the women’s winner was Pelin Börcek. Vehbi Kurşun became the first in men at 25 km starting from Göllüce, and Penelope Freeman was the first in women. In the 14 km Çamdibi Run, Umut Çakmak became the winner in men, while Hormuz Biçer took the first place in women.

In the 5 km Unesco Run, held in the center of Iznik, Muhammet Orhan became the winner in men and Tuğce Aydın Yayla became the winner in women. In the children’s race that took place, all the little ones were announced as the winner of the hearts.

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