May 29, 2023
Two important markets of Malatya are being renewed Two important markets of Malatya are being renewed

Two important markets of Malatya are being renewed

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan stated that they will continue to invest in apricot, which provides an annual input of 2.5 billion lira to the Malatya economy. Şire and Buğday markets with insufficient service areas will also meet with the public in their new places.

MALATYA (İGFA) – Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, along with Secretary General Cemal Nogay, Deputy Secretary General Latif Okyay and MASKİ General Malatya Commodity Exchange Chairman Ramazan Özcan and board members visited Malatya Commodity Exchange Chairman with M. Yaşar Karataş.

Malatya Commodity Exchange Chairman Ramazan Özcan said the future of dried apricots related to the new Şire Market, Wheat Market and licensed warehousing and He stated that they will consult with the President Selahattin Gürkan and the delegation about what needs to be done. Emphasizing that the existing Şire and Wheat markets cannot provide sufficient service due to the deficiencies in terms of physical and health as well as traffic, Özcan said, “There has been a serious expectation in the public opinion and tradesmen about these markets recently.”

GÜRKAN: Stating that they attach great importance to consultation as the Metropolitan Municipality, Mayor Gürkan said, “It is indispensable to consult with the relevant stakeholders in the planning of the city and in determining the direction compass of the city. . We had very close meetings with our Stock Exchange Chairman, especially about the construction of the Şire Pazarı. During the drawing phase of the project, a project will be made in line with their requests and expectations by meeting with the relevant parties separately. As a result of the protocols we have made with Fırat Development Agency, we have started the works to make the social reinforcement areas as soon as possible. ”

Selahattin Gürkan emphasized that the Stock Exchange Chairman Ramazan Özcan presented his studies on Şire and Buğday markets to them as a file. In particular, we will discuss with our MTB President on the procedure for the allocation of space and sales in Yeni Şire Pazarı. If necessary, we will evaluate this issue with our other stakeholders. The construction of the Wheat Market will be started simultaneously with the Şire Pazarı. In addition, we are in a separate study for Nurseries. The existing fields of our industrial tradesmen are insufficient. A place was procured from the Altay Barracks for this. ”

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