May 31, 2023

Turkish Red Crescent distributed food parcel in Erzincan

Turkish Red Crescent Erzincan Branch distributed food parcels to needy families during weekend restrictions.

ERZİNCAN (İGFA) – Food parcels were distributed to families in need during weekend restrictions by the Turkish Red Crescent Erzincan Branch. {2 }

Erzincan central Hocabey District was visited in the program, where Erzincan Governor Mehmet Makas and Erzincan Deputy Burhan Çakır were also present. Turkish Red Crescent Erzincan Branch President Volkan Burak Mumcu, accompanied by the Red Crescent employees and volunteers, the protocol, which listened to the requests and demands of families residing in the urban transformation area, distributed the food parcels.

Governor Mehmet Makas said that during the COVID-19 pandemic, they were making every effort to take all kinds of measures to meet the basic needs of citizens and to be least affected by the epidemic.

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