September 25, 2023
Turkey to boost trade relations with Indonesia Turkey to boost trade relations with Indonesia

Turkey to boost trade relations with Indonesia

Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) who visited Indonesia Embassy Commercial Counselor Eric Gokayama the Nababan, “There is a huge economic potential between Indonesia and Turkey. Business people of the two countries getting to know each other better will strengthen cooperation. ”

BURSA (İGFA) – During the visit at the Chamber Service Building, BTSO Vice Chairman Cüneyt Şener, Board Members Muhsin Koçaslan and Yüksel Taşdemir, Vice President of the Assembly Murat Bayizit and the Assembly Council Member Gülçin Güleç hosted Eric Gokasi Nababan, Commercial Counselor of the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara. Cuneyt Sener, talked about the first Ontario’s economy to the Indonesian delegation.


that ranks second in Bursa in Turkey’s export league Cüneyt Şener noted that the trade volume between Bursa and Indonesia could develop further. Stating that the number of companies doing business with Indonesia in Bursa is close to 100, Şener said, “Bursa is a city with strong brands and production infrastructure in sectors such as automotive, machinery and textile. As BTSO, we carry out export flights in different geographies of the world, regardless of distance, in order to increase the foreign trade of our companies. Indonesia is one of them. In the last 2 years, we had mutually attended meetings with Indonesia. In 2018, we hosted nearly 50 Indonesian business people in Bursa as part of the Industry Summit. In 2019, a delegation of 25 people from Bursa held bilateral business meetings in Jakarta. We are ready to continue the mutual cooperation to increase the business volume between Indonesia and Turkey. “


Commercial Counselor Eric Gokayama the Nababan, Bursa ‘s where the infrastructure industry in Turkey’s growth has led, he said. Expressing that they want to establish new commercial relations between Bursa and Indonesia, which has a strong atmosphere in every field, Nababan said, “Our doors are always open to companies from Bursa. We must definitely reflect our brotherhood between states in trade. Indonesia is a country with a population of 280 million. Turkey also has a population of 81 million. There is great potential. All we will do is get to know each other well. In 2020, the trade volume between the two countries decreased by 10 percent. We know that the cause of this is the pandemic. We can strengthen our cooperation for permanent trade bridges in the new period. ”

During the visit, a webinar organization with the participation of trade advisors and business representatives of the two countries is also planned.

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