September 27, 2023
“Transfer” comment from Bursaspor Coach Er "Transfer" comment from Bursaspor Coach Er

“Transfer” comment from Bursaspor Coach Er

Bursaspor Coach Mustafa Er said that serious consideration should be given to the transfers to be made in the last 10-15 days regarding the transfer process. Speaking to journalists in Antalya Belek camp, Er also responded to the transfer rumors about young football players.

BURSA (IGFA) – Bursaspor Coach Mustafa Er, on the 4th day of our camp in Antalya press members answered questions.

speaking about the transfer rumors about the young players coach Mustafa, currently only Bursa and not Turkey, he said that Europe’s Bursaspor followed. Underlining that they are a valuable team in this sense, Er said, “It is in our hands to protect this and to strengthen it even more. If we can manage this confusion by adding our players to this and increase the brand value of the club and the individual performances with the team, this will be the salvation of the club. Perhaps this is his only salvation. ”

Noting that his job is to focus on the field, Er said that certain moves can be made whether the transfer board is opened or not. Saying, “The transfers to be made from now on should be examined very seriously,” Er said, “This process is a very troublesome process. It is necessary to manage this process correctly that we have not contacted any actors until now. Considering that the transfer obstacle could not be lifted to a great extent, the administration would take this step anyway. At the point where we do not make contact with any player, what will the transfers to be made in the last 10-15 days bring us, we need to think seriously healthy. “This is the subject of the management, but it was too late for me,” he said. Noting that they have a disputational deficiency, Er said, “We were thinking about 3-4 reinforcements, but even this seems difficult. This should be evaluated very well. We have entered a period in which we should be careful. ”

On the other hand, answering the question posed by the allegations that Recep Aydın would leave the team, Technical Director Mustafa Er said,“ We ​​gave him permission until Monday. It will be clear after Monday. It looks like he will probably leave. We gave him permission to evaluate this process. “We will have an explanation about this issue in the coming days for both the interest of the club and the player.”

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