September 27, 2023
Tradesmen are waiting for registration amnesty Tradesmen are waiting for registration amnesty

Tradesmen are waiting for registration amnesty

Fethiye Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen Mehmet Soydemir stated that they made efforts to solve the problems of the tradesmen and chamber members during the pandemic period, and said that they demanded a registration amnesty from the state to the tradesmen.

Noting that they applied to Muğla Metropolitan Municipality in order not to collect solid waste from the workplaces that were closed within the scope of the Circular, Fethiye Chamber of Craftsmen and Craftsmen, Mehmet Soydemir, stated that the tradesmen suffered greatly during the epidemic. Emphasizing that no accounting and book fees were collected from tradesmen for 3 months, Soydemir underlined that they will continue this practice until the end of March. Soydemir said that bakers in Fethiye have been suffering for a long time and expect price adjustments; He stated that he held talks with the top union officials on this issue and that it is normal to sell 200 grams of bread for 1.50 TL.

Fethiye Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chamber President Mehmet Soydemir stated that they are working on the elderly care center project by coming together with 3 rooms such as Lokman Hekim Tradesmen Hospital in Fethiye and stated that they aim to lay the foundation of this project within 3-4 months.

Chamber President Soydemir answered Erdogan Karagöz’s questions on the subject.


Fethiye Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Mehmet Soydemir, said, “Our tradesmen have been in great trouble since March due to the COVID-19 outbreak. We have occupational groups whose workplaces have been closed for months. All of them have shop rents, personnel expenses, and Bağkur payments. Currently they do not have the money to buy bread for their house. Many of our friends can borrow money from their neighbors and relatives to pay their rent, staff salaries and other expenses. Weddings have not been held for a long time. Therefore, many sectors are affected. Our state provided a loan of 25 thousand TL. Many of our tradesmen have benefited from this. Now their repayment has been postponed with interest. We have not received the 3-month accounting and book fee of our thousand tradesmen who serve in a simple manner as a chamber. We will continue this until the end of March 2021. During this period, we provided a support of 750 thousand TL to our tradesmen ”.


Stating that they are waiting for a registration amnesty in order for the tradesmen to breathe, Soydemir said, “We do not want credit. Tradesmen want Bağkur to be paid. Many shops are currently closed. Currently there is no loan payment status. Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit and Surety Cooperatives spread the payments by month. 4-5 percent interest is applied to these. In addition to grant support, we demand that our tax is not collected. Our tradesmen make great sacrifices during the pandemic process. Our state gave grant support to the tradesmen who served in a simple way. But this is not enough. Those who keep the business ledger were provided rent support of thousand TL until the end of March. If tradesmen are not supported, unemployment will increase. Many businesses close and debts increase. With the registry amnesty, some debts and bonds are deleted and a new page is opened. This should come out as soon as possible. In 2020, 520 of our tradesmen opened workplaces, while 418 tradesmen closed their shops. I think that the number of workplaces opened with the credit facility provided by our government has increased. Thus, the informal economy was prevented. “The number of shops opened and closed in the past years was very close to each other”.


Fethiye Tradesmen and Craftsmen Chamber President Mehmet Soydemir stated that they want to bring 3 rooms together and bring the elderly care center to Fethiye, saying, “Elderly care with 160 beds We were going to lay the foundation of the center in 2020. The trouble we experienced during the pandemic process was also reflected in this project. We think that the foundation of our center will be laid within 2-3 months. I believe we will bring a nice facility to our Fethiye. Fethiye Chamber of Tradesmen and Craftsmen, Fethiye Tradesmen and Craftsmen Credit and Surety Cooperative and Fethiye Chamber of Drivers and Carriers merged; We will put this center at the service of our people. There was an old workplace in Çamköy Neighborhood, opposite the old state. We carried out a demolition process there, ”he said.


Chairman of the Chamber Soydemir stated that the bread prices should be adjusted, saying, “3 months ago, upon the demand from the bakers, we decided that 200 grams of bread would be 1 TL 50 kuruş. . I reached the information that the relevant institutions view the issue negatively. We also had a meeting with Osman Çıralı, President of Fethiye Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Due to the increase in costs, bakers are also having a hard time. Last week, I told our Muğla Governor during his visit. If necessary, we will also go to Ankara. There is a gap between the bread prices in Istanbul and the prices in Fethiye. No bread is sold anywhere for 1.25 TL. We want the bread to be sold for 1.50 TL. We will continue to protect our tradesmen in every field ”.


Continuing his explanation, Soydemir said, “Our tradesmen expressed their problems regarding the payment of solid waste prices. As the chamber, we wrote a letter to Muğla Metropolitan Municipality on the subject. If a workplace was closed under the circular, solid waste would not be charged from them. Metropolitan Municipality also sent the reply letter. After the application we made in April 2020, our state took it by our hands; provided lease and grant support. “We are doing our best to support and assist our tradesmen.”

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