April 1, 2023
Traces of Islam and Ottoman were destroyed in Syria (SPECIAL NEWS) Traces of Islam and Ottoman were destroyed in Syria (SPECIAL NEWS)

Traces of Islam and Ottoman were destroyed in Syria (SPECIAL NEWS)

Syrian archaeologist Sabah Kasım, who gave years to reveal the historical artifacts in his country, says that the historical artifacts from previous Islamic civilizations and the Ottoman Empire were deliberately destroyed.

Syrians took refuge in Turkey to escape the civil war, archaeologists morning in November, originally a Turkish citizen who stayed at the vertical boundary lines drawn between the 1950s because Syria and Turkey. Immigrating to Mardin 7 years ago, Kasım is trying to support his family by selling his stone artifacts in the shop he rented in Cows Bazaar and regrets the artworks in his country as an archaeologist. The thousands of people who lost their lives because of war, as well as also says he has destroyed an Islamic and traces of Ottoman civilization.


According to Sabah Kasım, during the 9-year civil war in Syria, historical artifacts from both the previous Islamic civilizations and the Ottoman Empire are deliberately destroyed. In Syria for 30 years who participated in excavations at European archaeologists in different cities in the morning November 3 thousand pieces left in Syria, waiting for help from the authorities to bring to Turkey.

SYRIA Islamic and Ottoman Civilizations WAS NO

Expressing that the situation in Syria has become deplorable, Sabah said, “There is a sectarian war in Syria. All the historical artifacts in the country were destroyed. Umayyad Mosque, all Ottoman artifacts in Aleppo were destroyed. While nearly a thousand mosques were damaged, some of them were destroyed. Tombs, museums, historical bazaars, and houses were also in ruins. About 120 Turkish works are found in Damascus, Syria, which was one of the important provinces of the Ottoman Empire. The 1 km-long Hamidiye Covered Bazaar and the Hejaz Railway, built by Sultan Abdulhamid II, are the leading ones. One of the famous and old mosques of Aleppo on the World Cultural Heritage list, Hz. The 45-meter-long, thousand-year-old minaret of the Zekeriya Mosque was destroyed. The warplanes belonging to the Syrian army are Hz. Ömer Mosque was also destroyed. The dome and minaret of the Halid bin Walid Mosque, where the tomb of Halid bin Walid, known as Seyfullah (the sword of God), is located in the Halidiye region of Homs, was destroyed. I mean, Islam and Ottoman civilizations disappeared in Syria, along with humanity, ”he said. Sabah Kasım, a Syrian archaeologist who immigrated to Mardin, is trying to make a living by selling his stone artifacts.


Fleeing from the civil war in Syria. the bark of the house, forced to take refuge in Turkey to save the lives of thousands of families to leave behind his property that expresses morning in November, “all of these families must also work to cling to life. I am also one of them. I even worked as a porter to support my family while coming to Mardin. I am currently earning a living by selling my handicrafts made out of stone to tourists in the shop I rented in Cows Bazaar. ”


In the morning, November’s 9 children. He died after he was born. Her only surviving daughter is studying at Damascus University. Kasım is trying to pay for his daughter’s school expenses with the income she earns from handicrafts. November said that he fears for his life of his daughter, “I wanted to bring him to Turkey. But she stayed there, saying she would study in Damascus and not leave her land. It is not a shame to work, it is a shame to beg. If necessary, I can even serve as a porter to support my family. ”


Noting that the war in Syria can last even 10 years, Sabah said that the civil war was “about 56 organizations in Syria. there is. All of them are forces of different sects. Nobody knows who he’s fighting and what he’s fighting for. On the one hand, the persecution of Assad, on the other hand, different groups that slaughter each other by saying “Allahu Akbar” … The deceased Muslim is the Muslim who kills. Hundreds of thousands of people died. Millions of Syrians are refugees. Be ashamed of the people who made Syria like this. ”


Stating that he wrote 18 books during his career as an archaeologist, I wrote a book about Sabah, Mesopotamia and Mardin. I have a book with my articles, a poetry couch and translations. My mother taught at Gazi School in Mardin, Nusaybin and Şanlıurfa. Later we immigrated to Syria. I have an antique collection with these. He said that fork, spoon, plate, glass, and coins, which are the basic necessities used in certain periods, are among my collection. ”


Explaining that he was afraid of the loss of his art, Garguli said, “Sometimes I get upset. Because I am afraid that the art I have worked for will be lost. I have been working in Mardin for 10 years, selling my sculptures for bread. Sometimes I get very happy when guests and tourists come and take care of my work. Nobody has claimed the art of sculptor right now. Nobody said that we should open a school to you, to raise the students. I’m afraid that the art of sculptor is dead. “If 10 or 20 students were given to me, if I raised 10 talented students within a year, this art would continue.”

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