May 29, 2023
Tough energy watch from UEDAŞ (Special News) Tough energy watch from UEDAŞ (Special News)

Tough energy watch from UEDAŞ (Special News)

While Uludağ Electricity Distribution (UEDAŞ) technical teams continue their work 24/7 for the uninterrupted distribution of energy and quality of this service, they also attach importance to transformer cleaning.

Sevinç ÇELEBİ (BSHaberler)

Always keeping customer satisfaction at the forefront, UEDAŞ works day and night for requests from customers or any malfunctions encountered in the routine technical and physical inspections of reading teams.


Providing uninterrupted energy service with its line length of more than 50 thousand kilometers and its transformer over 25 thousand, UEDAŞ reaches even the most challenging regions with its wide vehicle fleet and experienced teams. is in the field on a 24/7 basis for energy. The company, which provides electricity distribution services to a population of 5 million in Bursa, Balıkesir, Çanakkale and Yalova, minimizes power outage times by controlling and monitoring the entire network remotely thanks to SCADA systems. UEDAŞ, which accelerated its maintenance and repair works with the curfews imposed on weekends as part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, concentrated its field teams on lighting poles in the days when the streets were empty.


186 UEDAŞ, drawing attention to the importance of the Call Center, stated that the notifications coming to the center vary according to the weather conditions, and pointed out that 300-400 failure records in weather dominated by south wind and rainfall, and between 50 and 150 in calm weather.

Field teams; Stating that situations such as “I called, I could not reach” are no longer experienced today, “Because when Nilüfer Center cannot be reached, the call falls to Osmangazi, and when Osmangazi is not reached, to Yıldırım … A situation such as not being able to reach due to automatic transfer (except for peak points such as lodos, storms) it is not happening anymore, ”he said.

The officials drew attention to the fact that there are nearly 3 thousand transformers in the Nilüfer Region alone, and stated that they attach importance to transformer cleaning in this regard.

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