April 1, 2023
This calf amazes! This calf amazes!

This calf amazes!

The newborn calf in Gürün district of Sivas surprised those who saw it with its interesting mouth structure.

SİVAS (İGFA) – The cow of a breeder residing in the village of Sularbaşı in Sivas, Gürün, nose gave birth to the calf whose holes were opened in the oral cavity. Those who saw the calf, which attracted attention with its interesting mouth structure, could not believe their eyes.

Veterinarian Bülent Köse made important statements about such physical problems in animals. Köse stated that such physical disorders in newborn animals are caused by the unconscious use of pesticides and Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) grains as animal feed. Stating that such physical disorders cause a serious economic loss in the livestock sector, Köse said, “These congenital anomalies manifest themselves as limb deficiency or structural disorders and create a serious economic loss in the livestock sector. If we list the reasons for these, we can list both the unconsciously used pesticides and animal health drugs, the use of GMO grains as animal feed, and our lack of attention to nature and the environment. “

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