September 27, 2023
They sponsored the Fairies of Yozgat They sponsored the Fairies of Yozgat

They sponsored the Fairies of Yozgat

Istanbul YOZGATLI Federation President and the Continents Logistics Inc. upon the recommendation of Ahmet Yilmaz, Turkey Handball 1 League teams in the Yozgat Women’s Handball signed a sponsorship deal between Team.

YOZGAT (IGF A) – { 4} international transportation company that Yozgatli business people walked Continents Logistics Inc. Ercan Ataman, Turkey Yozgat Handball 1 League struggling in the Family and Social Policies, was sponsored by the Youth and Sports Club women’s team.

KITA Lojistik A.Ş., which has undertaken to meet a significant part of the monthly expenses of the ASP handball team known as the “Fairies of Yozgat” and also meets the uniform needs, did not disclose the number of the economic contribution to the team every month.

Istanbul Yozgat People’s Federation President Ahmet Yılmaz visited the Yozgat business people at the company headquarters in Istanbul, gifted them special ASP-GSK uniforms, and thanked the fairies from Yozgat for their support. Yozgat businessperson Ercan Ataman and Feray Abacılar, Managing Director of Kıta Lojistik A.Ş, said, “We will always be with you to contribute to the success of the energetic girls who represent Yozgat in the Handball League and we will continue our economic support every month.”

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