September 27, 2023
They delighted 250 orphans in Batman They delighted 250 orphans in Batman

They delighted 250 orphans in Batman

In Batman, “One Heart Thousand Hope Platform” gave gifts to 250 orphans, including children of the martyrs.

BATMAN (İGFA) – Members of the Bir Heart, Thousand Hope Platform, Batman He delivered gift packages containing toys, intelligence games, clothes and various gifts to the homes of children determined in different neighborhoods.

7-year-old Evin Hacı İbrahim, whose body was burned as a result of the bombing in his house in Syria and had 93 surgeries so far. wig was given as a gift. Platform Chairman Veysi Mercimekçi stated that they delivered gifts with a team of 50 volunteers and thanked the philanthropists who supported them. President Mercimekçi said, “We gave our best gift to a sister whose body was burned with shrapnel pieces in Syria,” said President Mercimekçi, “We made a special gift for Evin because he does not have hair and presented it to him. He was also very happy and we were happy too. God bless those who support us for the work we have done. “

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