December 5, 2023
Their friends are being rehabilitated in Bilecik Their friends are being rehabilitated in Bilecik

Their friends are being rehabilitated in Bilecik

to Bilecik Osmaneli Association of Friends of Turkey operating in the district while the injured animals from each province, the treatment process is carried out at the shelter. Bilecik Anatolian or proximity to Istanbul reasons transported by the Friends Association Osmaneli continues to be ointment of injured stray animals in the county.


to Turkey every In the shelter where injured animals come from the province, the injured animals are taken care of by the citizens after they are treated. The wounded animals, some of whom do not have legs and some of whom cannot have eyes, in the shelter of Dost Association, which is established on approximately 7 decares of land in Osmaneli district, look at life with love and walk with hope.

Ahmet Kırmızı, who brought two injured puppies from Pazaryeri district to Dost Association Animal Shelter. thanked the director of the association, Adem Gündüz, for the values ​​he gave to animals. Giving information about the animals in the shelter, Gündüz stated that some animals were injured by guns, some animals were hit by vehicles, some were dragged behind the vehicle and some animals were raped.

Friends Association founder Adem Gündüz, in Osmaneli district they operate for nearly a year and Osmaneli their support to animal shelters Governor Yuksel Ünal Osmaneli Mayor Munir Sahin Vezirhan Mayor Hüseyin Ocak Marketplace Mayor thanked smart to Thompson’s.

in Turkey Saying that injured animals come to our animal shelter from every province, Adem Gündüz said, “Last year we moved from Istanbul to Bilecik. We are in Bilecik Osmaneli district now. The reason we moved to Bilecik was that there were more reports from Anatolia. Since Bilecik is the middle of Anatolia, we moved here in order to be able to catch up with the treatment of animals with serious cases as soon as possible. We are building a large facility here. Inside is an operating room, treatment room, x-ray room and analysis room. Currently the construction continues, we have finished the construction of some of them, only the construction of the rooms remains. We also expect your support from esteemed animal lovers. We have a lot of animals here. We have these kinds of animals with 3 legs, one eye blind, subjected to human violence, raped, and we expect your support for their care, nutrition, protection and treatment. ”

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