April 2, 2023
The world will know Mardin cuisine The world will know Mardin cuisine

The world will know Mardin cuisine

The Gastronomy and Application Center project, which was initiated to introduce the rich Mardin cuisine, which has hosted many civilizations from past to present, to the world has been completed.

Şehmus Edis
The diversity brought by the geography originating from the mountains and Mesopotamian Plain, which has hosted different civilizations and cultures such as Turkish, Kurdish, Arab, Syriac, Armenian and Chechen from past to present, It creates a rich culinary culture with the mixture of Mesopotamian and Anatolian cuisine. However, the country and the world remained away from these tastes due to the failure to take the necessary steps at the promotion point.

Mardin Metropolitan Municipality, run by the Mardin Metropolitan Municipality, supported by the Mardin Governorship, Artuklu University and the Dicle Development Agency, to promote this ancient culture to the country and the world. The project process of the Gastronomy Museum and Application Center has been completed.

After the project approval, the Gastronomy Museum and Application Museum will start its work soon. will contribute to the development of employment.

Within the scope of the project, research will be conducted on the forgotten or forgotten cuisine culture in the city. The infrastructure in this area will be established by determining the local foods, establishing and recording original standards. This work will be an archive of Mardin cuisine from past to present. In this way, this heritage we have will be passed on to future generations.

Food workshops, gastronomy days and festivals will be held in order to increase the awareness of Mardin cuisine. {2nd}

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