April 2, 2023
The world is addicted to Turkish chocolate The world is addicted to Turkish chocolate

The world is addicted to Turkish chocolate

The Turkish confectionery and chocolate industry sweetened the world. Turkish chocolate and confectionery exporters succeeded in exporting $ 1 billion 276 million in 2020, under the shadow of the pandemic. The sector aims to export 1.5 billion dollars in 2021.

İZMİR (İGFA) – According to the data of Aegean Exporters Union; Cereals and Pulses Oil Seeds and Products Sector, Turkey has carried out in 2020 made 17 billion 785 million US dollars and 41 percent of exports of food products alone.

The confectionery industry succeeded in exporting 644 million dollars and the chocolate confectionery products sector with 633 million dollars. While the total exports of the confectionery industry in 2020 were 1 billion 268 million dollars in 2019, it was 1 billion 276 million dollars in 2020.

The President of the Aegean Grain Pulses Oil Seeds and Products Exporters Association, Mustafa Pref, stated that they have a wide range of products from cereals to milling products, from confectionery products to chocolate confectionery products, from vegetable oils to spices, Grain Legumes Oil Seeds and Products Sector 2020 in that year, 7.3 billion dollars to give to Turkey, he said that the 1 billion 276 million dollars of exports in the confectionery sector and as done.


Giving the information that the Turkish confectionery industry exports to 185 countries around the world, Preferred said, makes our export sectors hopeful. An 8 percent increase is predicted in the world commodity trade. If exchange rates do not negatively affect our exports, we believe that our confectionery industry will reach $ 1.5 billion in exports in 2021. ”


While confectionery products containing cocoa were the most exported products with $ 540 million, white chocolate products without cocoa brought 476 million dollars to our country.

The countries to which the confectionery industry exports the most are; Iraq became the United States with $ 153 million and $ 153 million. Iran is; He demanded 52 million dollars of Turkish confectionery products. These countries; Israel followed with $ 49 million in confectionery exports, and the UK with $ 48 million.

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