December 6, 2023
The “States” of Mugla are changing The "States" of Mugla are changing

The “States” of Mugla are changing

the largest share of the Mugla wholesale markets in the fruit and vegetable exports in Turkey, metropolitan municipalities has changed the face with 5 million worth of investments that have implemented.

Mugla (IGF A) – With the Metropolitan Municipality law, the infrastructure and superstructure works that were initiated in 2014 when the wholesale markets in the districts were taken under the responsibility of the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality change the face of the situations.
Muğla Metropolitan Municipality first solved the infrastructure problem in cases. By revising the existing treatment facilities and installing the filtration system, the wastewater was brought to green area irrigation standards and irrigated.
In the statement made by the Muğla Metropolitan Municipality, it was stated that the tradesmen in the state of Fethiye Karaçulha first received a request for the correction of the place that caused the landslide. . The teams noted that a total of 14 thousand square meters of field concrete work was carried out, including the construction of a retaining wall on the landslide in order to eliminate the threat.

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