December 5, 2023

The rising districts of Istanbul have been announced

The districts with the highest increase in the housing for sale category in Istanbul in the last 1 year were listed.

ISTANBUL (İGFA) – According to the data obtained from the index, the average in the housing for sale category in the last 1 year The highest increase in square meter price was observed in Beykoz with 117.41 percent. Beykoz was followed by Sarıyer with 112.85 percent, Avcılar with 99.56 percent, Başakşehir with 77.63 percent and Üsküdar with 75.50 percent.

Hürriyet Emlak Co-General Manager Zeynep Tandoğan noted that they observed that Beykoz and Sarıyer were constantly appreciated in 2020, and said, “The search for housing in these two districts saw the highest level of the last 5 years during the pandemic. These searches peaked in May and June. The high demand has also increased the prices in the region. During this period of staying at their homes, Istanbulites wanted to be closer to nature and the sea, especially the districts within walking distance to the beach were remarkable. We saw an increase of more than 100 percent in the sales figures of villas with gardens in these two districts. In addition, recent earthquakes have also encouraged low-rise living. ”

According to the Hürriyet Emlak January 2021 Index, which also evaluates the course of rental housing in the districts of Istanbul, the biggest change in the last 1 year is Bağcılar with 109 percent. also happened. In Bağcılar, whose average square meter price was 13 TL last year, this figure increased to 28 TL within 1 year. According to the index, in which the last 1-month change is also evaluated, Bağcılar ranked first in rental housing with an increase of 12 percent. Last month, the average square meter price of rented houses was 25 TL, but this month this figure has increased to 28 TL.

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