September 27, 2023
The people of Denizli enjoyed the white blanket The people of Denizli enjoyed the white blanket

The people of Denizli enjoyed the white blanket

While the effective snowfall in Denizli was welcomed in the morning hours, Metropolitan Municipality teams worked all over the city to prevent the citizens from suffering. Citizens enjoying the snow in the parks took many souvenir photographs.

DENİZLİ (İGFA) – Denizli Metropolitan Municipality teams stand by to prevent any negativity of the citizens in the snowfall effective from the morning hours in Denizli. did the work. With the sudden snowfall, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality teams working on Muhsin Yazıcıoğlu Street, Military Road, Ulus Street, Ali Marım Boulevard, 29 Ekim Boulevard, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Boulevard and Uğur Mumcu Street in the center of Denizli mobilized in the districts.

While the teams were working against snow in the high parts of Acıpayam, Babadağ, Baklan, Bekilli, Bozkurt, Buldan, Çal, Çameli, Çardak, Çivril, Güney, Honaz, Kale, Serinhisar and Tavas districts, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality The green areas and parks provided by the municipality to the city have also turned white. The unique landscapes created postcard images. Citizens who went to the parks covered with white cover did not neglect to take many souvenir photos while enjoying the snow.

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