December 5, 2023
The neighborhood makes Yenipazar’s road The neighborhood makes Yenipazar's road

The neighborhood makes Yenipazar’s road

Residents of the neighborhood also support the roadworks in Koyunlar District of Aydın’s Yenipazar district.

Aydın in the Koyunlar District of the Yenipazar district of Aydın. With the Metropolitan Municipality, people of the neighborhood are working together on a road project. The headman of the neighborhood, Muhammet Aktaş, thanked Framioğlu for underlining the tradition of unity in their neighborhoods and encouraging this collaboration.

Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality Science Works gave them cobblestones, and that the young and old people and all the men of the neighborhood were doing stone laying work alternately on the roads of the neighborhood, muhtar Aktaş said, “While our men work alternately in the roadwork, our women also cook for the employees here. looking. It is a tradition to do business in our neighborhood, and we are continuing this tradition as all local residents. ”

Like many children in the neighborhood, their son, who is going to the 7th grade, also works in the stone pavement, and all the residents of the neighborhood were able to finish the road before the rains. Stating that they mobilized as Aktaş, “We wanted to lay the stone of the road ourselves. Metropolitan Municipality gave the stone used on this road. In addition, the construction machines of the Metropolitan Municipality are here. He said, “Drilling work will be done in our neighborhood in the near future.”

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