September 27, 2023
The golden yellow stone houses of Mardin impress The golden yellow stone houses of Mardin impress

The golden yellow stone houses of Mardin impress

Houses and mansions in Mardin are fascinating with their color under the sun and their unique decorations.


Light colored The patterns carefully worked by the masters on yellowish limestone (katori) create the original texture of the city. The stones of the city with endless shades of yellow and the heritage of cut stone work make Mardin even more valuable. Mardin, which is a natural film set for filmmakers, also comes to Mardin to see the mansions where the TV series were shot.

Researcher and author İbrahim Yüksel stated that the architectural wonder Mardin houses have become symbols of traditional life, and the houses that do not interrupt the view of each other with terraces have become very functional in terms of socializing.

Stating that Mardin houses have a great potential in terms of tourism, Yüksel noted that the houses with high ceilings were built introverted to protect from the cold winter and hot summer climate. Stating that the houses, which are integrated with contemporary architecture by continuing the historical tradition, are shaped according to the user profile and give the impression that gold is scattered from the top, Yüksel said, “The history of this settlement, where original architecture stands out, dates back to 4500 BC. The structures facing south aim to let in the best façade and the sun during productive hours. Houses in Mardin were built on the south side of the hill in the form of terraces rising one above the other from the skirts of the castle to the plain. In the city, which is a volcanic region, the historical tradition has been maintained until today and a unique architectural structure has emerged. ”


Drawing attention to the fact that they do not fall on each other, İbrahim Yüksel conveyed the following information about the stone houses:

“The fronts of all the buildings in Mardin face towards the facade. The doors opening onto the slope of the hill and the Mesopotamian plain were built to be at least two-storey. One of the most interesting features of these structures is that no house shadows fall on each other. The narrow streets, which are arranged according to the opposite of the solar temperatures, protected the people of Mardin from the heat by staying in the shade in the extreme heat of summer. The stones used in Mardin houses are of a structure that hardens more in cold and hot. Because of the structure of the stones, the houses are cool in summer and warm in winter. ”

By the way, stonemasons stated that for Mardin stone, it is soft like cheese when first removed from the quarry, suitable for cutting and processing. Saying that Mardin stone hardens and becomes solid when it meets the weather and the sun, stonemason Aziz Demir said, “The stone, which was white when first removed, starts to turn into a golden yellow color as it comes into contact with the air. Craftsmen use easy-to-work stones both in building and decoration. For this reason, the houses made of Mardin stone fascinate those who see them as works of art. Since the stones are handled easily, Mardin houses are handled almost like embroidery. With the reflection of the sun, the houses shine like gold. ”

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