September 27, 2023
The first scientific book preparation for the 3 thousand year old castle in Diyarbakır The first scientific book preparation for the 3 thousand year old castle in Diyarbakır

The first scientific book preparation for the 3 thousand year old castle in Diyarbakır

Zerzevan Castle and Mithras Temple, strategically located between Amida and Dara on the route of the Ancient King Road and 50 km from Diyarbakır center, shed light on history with archaeological findings. The first scientific book on Zerzevan Castle, where studies have been ongoing for 7 years, will be published in April.


Witnessing the struggle between Rome and the Sassanids Zerzevan Castle, which has a history of 3 thousand years, offers a historical tour opportunity for local and foreign visitors with its watchtower and defense tower, underground temple, shelter, rock tombs, water canals and water cisterns. In 2014, the Head of the Zerzevan Castle Excavation Team, Assoc. Dr. In the works carried out by Aytaç Coşkun and his team, there have been developments that will change the world history. With the discovery of the mysterious Mithras temple, which is rare in the world, the eyes of the world were turned to Zerzevan. Speaking about Zerzevan Castle and the Temple of Mithras, Coşkun said, “The easternmost temple of the mystery religion of Pagan Rome is located in Zerzevan. It is also the last Mithras Temple to be discovered in the world. A significant portion of the visits to Zerzevan Castle from abroad are for the temple. ”

‘Zerzevan changed the history of the region’

Coşkun said that the works changed the history of the region. He noted that the border garrison was a military settlement and that Rome dominated it for 400 years. Reminding that the first excavations here started in 2014, Coşkun said, “Our excavations have been continuing for 7 seasons now. It has a 3 thousand year history. It has been used as a settlement since the Assyrian period. We can give this information based on archaeological findings. “What makes it really important is that it is from the Roman period.”

Head of Zerzevan Castle Excavation Team Assoc. Dr. Aytaç Coşkun

The Last Temple of the Mysterious Religion was found in Zerzevan

Stating that they discovered the mysterious Mithras Temple during excavations, Coşkun said that they plan to host one million visitors. Coşkun stated that, despite the pandemic, 160 thousand people visited Zerzevan in 2019, said, “We expect to host 1 million visitors after the pandemic. This place has become an important tourism destination. “While our excavations continue in Zerzevan, visitors are also being accepted”.

Stating that they are frequently featured in international press organizations, Coşkun said that the first scientific book describing the Zerzevan Castle will be published in April. Stating that many scientists will publish their Turkish and English articles in the book, Coşkun said, “Zerzevan Castle has many publications, but the book with the first scientific results will be released in April. It will be in the form of bands and these bands will continue. ”

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