September 27, 2023
The business world said “Together at Work” with PERYÖN The business world said "Together at Work" with PERYÖN

The business world said “Together at Work” with PERYÖN

Turkey People Management Association of institutions to live on gender equality on the basis of diversity and pluralism highlights the human resources employed by forming processes initiated in order to avoid discrimination “together in Business” project, ended with the closing program.

İSTANBU of L (IGF to) Turkey People Management Association, supported by the European Union Hrant Dink Within the scope of the Foundation’s Civil Society Strengthening Grant Program; The “At Work Together” project, which was implemented in partnership with Istanbul Gedik University with the aim of “Diversity-Oriented Structuring of Working Life”, was closed.

With the content management carried out with Istanbul Gedik University; The project, where exemplary practices in the field of gender equality were evaluated in Istanbul, Adana, Izmir and Bursa, shed light on the business world and the egalitarian policies applied for a period of about 1 year.

In addition to the “Round Table” meetings attended by 26 institutions, the questionnaire for the Diversity Oriented Structuring of Work Life was completed within this process. Within the scope of the project, applied and interactive trainings on gender equality were given to the HR employees of 30 companies and 10 NGOs.

Here Speaking at the Project closing program together PERYÖN – Turkey People Management Association President of the Board of Berne Öztınaz, the provision of working life, equal opportunities as well as work on gender of his life, in the context of sexual orientation and gender identity, respectful of human rights and individual freedoms is a congratulated those who contributed to the project that it is aimed to build.

Stating that the project implemented with PERYÖN is the beginning, Istanbul Gedik University Rector Prof. Dr. Nihat Akkuş said that they will continue to lead the transformation of the business world in the upcoming period.

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