September 27, 2023
Thanks to the journalists of Bodrum’s contemporary youth Thanks to the journalists of Bodrum's contemporary youth

Thanks to the journalists of Bodrum’s contemporary youth

ÇYDD Bodrum Branch Youth Unit presented a certificate of appreciation to the journalists participating in the digital conversation activities it held in January in a simple ceremony held within the scope of pandemic measures at the association building…

Association for the Support of Contemporary Life (ÇYDD) Bodrum youth gave a certificate of appreciation to local journalists who attended the digital meetings held within the scope of epidemic measures. Journalists Selda Öztürk and Fatih Bozoğlu, who were guests of the online conversation events organized on the occasion of January 10 Working Journalists Day and January 24 Justice and Democracy Week, once again came together with contemporary young people in the event organized in accordance with the social distance rules at the association building.

{ 1} ÇYDD Bodrum Branch President Meral Saraçbaşı stated that modern young people both met each other and had the opportunity to meet with different guests by organizing various activities during the pandemic period. Saraçbaşı said, “In two separate interviews organized for January 10 Working Journalists Day and January 24 Justice and Democracy Week, two friends of our local newspapers were also present. I would like to thank our young people who organize these programs and our friends who are with us by giving importance to modern life. ”

ÇYDD Bodrum Youth Unit facilitator Melisa Çetinkaya stated that they continued their activities through online programs during the pandemic period and said,“ As young people in technology age, we try to do our best. During the pandemic process, we become part of the solution, not the problem… ”he said. Contemporary Youth Unit Facilitator Doğancan Köroğlu said, “We remembered our legendary journalists. Fatih Bozoğlu and Selda Öztürk also told us what happened in those days. Thus, we became more conscious. We thank them very much… ”

” As We Remember the Murdered Intellectuals, We Remember What They Taught “

Journalist Selda Öztürk, the guest of the talk of the youth of Contemporary Life. Stating that the program that commemorates Uğur Mumcu and the murdered intellectuals had a great impact on him, he said, “We sometimes forget our difficulties, our political history, and censorship practices in our daily rush. When talking to young people, we suddenly remember those days, our history. We understand the value of our freedoms, democracy, republic more. Commemorating once again the murdered intellectuals such as Uğur Mumcu made us remember once again what he taught us. This was a great opportunity and thank you very much for that. Each young generation builds both their own future and the future of the world. Your enlightenment means the enlightenment and beauty of the world. I thank you for your energy, for your mind and effort, and I wish you success… ”

“ Contemporary Young People Are Opening Like Snowflowers To Blood Planted Mountains, Cities ”

Journalist Fatih Bozoğlu said, “I am happy when I see our young people. Because they open up like snow flowers in the mountains, cities and cities where we have recently sown blood flowers. That is why my hopes for the future increase… ”he said. Bozoğlu continued his speech as follows:

“We have been gathering for many years at the events of the Association in Support of Contemporary Life. It was such a correct project that Türkan Saylan has implemented it, and people and young people like Meral Saraçbaşı also support this project. Our duty is to support them. This is our main duty. The activity made us very emotional. It is so nice to be able to talk and get along with young people about Uğur Mumcu. There is no generation difference when it comes to the Mummy and the revolutionary martyrs. This is very interesting. We say the same things, we think the same things. So those people who destroyed the generation gap did very nice things. Knowing that there are journalists like Uğur Mumcu means there will be those journalists from now on. There will be such journalists among these young people. This is a great hope, a great need for Turkey. These snow flowers and snowdrops will come to my lonely and beautiful country where blood flowers are planted, hope. Let it be halal for you… ”

After the speeches, the certificates of appreciation prepared by the youth members of ÇYDD Bodrum Youth Unit were presented to Selda Öztürk and Fatih Bozoğlu.

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