May 29, 2023
Text Hara from “Turkey’s first interactive novel Inner Journey” Text Hara from "Turkey's first interactive novel Inner Journey"

Text Hara from “Turkey’s first interactive novel Inner Journey”

Writer Metin Hara, who came to the agenda with the love he lived with the famous model Adriana Lima, offers a brand new experience to his readers with his new book titled Wind and Dandelion, which he has been working on for five years.

ISTANBUL (IGF a) – Turkey’s first “interactive inner journey Novel”, this book reads in his own election to drag a completely different journey … QR codes are the main characters throughout the adventure you against every inner transformation experience (steps) will be released. When you read these codes, you will be greeted by different videos and then the practical applications of the journey you have chosen.

After reading the story built on the power of innocence, yourself and your view of life will never be the same again.

All of us compulsorily During this pandemic, in which he returned to us and remained with ourselves, Wind and Dandelion will blow the spring into your heart… Love and hope will sprout in our hearts…

Metin Hara’s Wind and Dandelion was published by Support Publications.

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