May 29, 2023
Teachers met with ‘Ziya Teacher’ in Sivas Teachers met with 'Ziya Teacher' in Sivas

Teachers met with ‘Ziya Teacher’ in Sivas

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk met with the teachers working in Sivas within the scope of the “Education Meetings with Ziya Teachers” program via video conference system (VKS).

The video conference started with the greeting speech of Provincial Director of National Education Ebubekir Sıddık Savaşçı. Sharing information about some projects and studies carried out in the field of education in Sivas, Director Savaşçı stated that they continue to work in the light of the “2023 Vision Document” and stated that they are making an effort to reflect their vision targets on the field with the great support of Governor Salih Ayhan.

After the speech of Principal Savaşçı, who also shared about Sivas Design and Skill Center, teachers working in the province expressed their opinions, suggestions and demands. Minister Selçuk chatted with his parents who were teachers in the program, and promised to send books to students who demanded books from him.

Huzur Imam Hatip Secondary School Music Teacher Elif Kayapınar and music teachers added color to the program with the songs they sang. { 2nd}

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