December 5, 2023
Target championship in Fethiyespor Target championship in Fethiyespor

Target championship in Fethiyespor

In Muğla Completing the first half of the 3rd League 2nd Group as the leader, Fethiyespor focused on the second half with the championship password.


The President of the Fethiyespor Club, Esat Bakırcı, and said that they trust the technical delegation and that their goal is championship. He said that there were players who left the team, and that the team continued its preparations for the second half.

Fethiyespor President Esat Bakırcı said, “We closed the first half as the leader. Our goal is championship. I believe we will achieve this too. I have unlimited confidence in our board of directors, football players and technical delegation. The second half will be tougher. We started preparations for this as well. We have no reinforcement thoughts. You know that 1-2 people left. We are thinking of making evaluations instead of those who leave. Whatever happens, our goal is championship this year.

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