September 24, 2023
Tablet joy of students in Kocaeli Dilovası Tablet joy of students in Kocaeli Dilovası

Tablet joy of students in Kocaeli Dilovası

Tablets were distributed to university students in Dilovası district of Kocaeli.

KOCAELİ (İGFA) – Dilova Municipality, within the scope of the project “Tablets for our students, hope for the future”, students in the district do not experience difficulties in the distance education process. continues to distribute the tablet computer they started for. AK Party Kocaeli Deputy Cemil Yaman, Dilovası District Governor Mustafa Asım Alkan, Dilovası Mayor Hamza Şayir, AK Party Dilovası District Chairman İlhan Yıldırım, Dilovası Municipality Deputy Mayors, council members, District National Education Director Murat Balay, AK Party District Women’s Branch President Gülay Artut, Neighborhood Headmen, NGO Presidents and students attended.

Dilovası Mayor Hamza Şayir said that the distribution of tablets for a total of thousand 100 students would continue for two days and they were distributed. He said that the number of tablets would reach 10 thousand. Emphasizing that he has given the presidential salary and the knowledge we have built up with the support of industrialists since the first day as scholarships to students, Mayor Şayir said, “Our aim is to contribute to your education. We know that your success is the success of our Dilov ”.

Dilovası District Governor Mustafa Asım Alkan thanked Mayor Hamza Şayir, who has given great importance to education since the day he took office, and the Machinery Manufacturers OIZ for their support to education. Cemil Yaman, AK Party Deputy of Kocaeli, said that he believes that the future of Dilovası will be more beautiful with an education volunteer Mayor.

After the speeches, he gave tablets to the students. {2nd}

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