December 5, 2023
Syrian lecturer becomes quilt maker in Mardin Syrian lecturer becomes quilt maker in Mardin

Syrian lecturer becomes quilt maker in Mardin

to escape the civil war in Syria faculty members who took refuge in Turkey is only deceiving little work quilt stitching his family opened in Mardin settled in.

After the civil war in Syria six years ago, Turkey with his wife and 4 children Haysem Hacı Cuma, a faculty member of Deyrulzor University Fine Arts Academy, settled in Mardin. Here, Friday, who rented a small business in the historic shoemakers market, started sewing quilts.


Friday, who sewed each quilt for 50 TL, as well as a vase, a toy. He makes his family a living by selling the products he has made with his hand skills, such as dolls and baskets.

Stating that they left Syria by hardly saving their lives, Cuma said, “I thank the Turkish state very much. He took care of us. Thank God our place is good. If the war is over, I will return to my country again. Because there we have our place, our land, our land. ”


Saying that he teaches handicrafts at the university, Cuma said that he decided to continue this when he came to Mardin. : “I create products with various handicrafts. I perform all kinds of art. I make desktop vases, flowers, baskets of thread. I make small vases for homes and wedding dresses for dolls. I am performing my art here too. Nobody interferes with us here. I’m doing my job. We are happy here. The Republic of Turkey has turned to us, I will never forget it. Thank you very much. ”

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