December 5, 2023
Sweet 14 February shift in Bursa Gürsu Sweet 14 February shift in Bursa Gürsu

Sweet 14 February shift in Bursa Gürsu

On the occasion of February 14, Valentine’s Day, the heart-shaped cake with the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” was offered to the people of the district as part of the program organized by the Gürsu Municipality of Bursa.

BURSA (İGFA) – Emphasizing that feeling love is a magical source of life that should be lived in all days, Gürsu Mayor Mustafa Işık said, “Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day when love, which is the most beautiful feeling that makes our world beautiful, is the focal point of all of us. We wanted to express our love for our fellow citizens with a sweet symbol. I congratulate everyone on Valentine’s Day, hoping that we live all our days under the umbrella of love. The bitter news of the martyrdom of 13 of our citizens on such a day deeply saddened us. I wish mercy from Allah to our martyred citizens and patience to their families. ”

Within the scope of street concerts organized by Gürsu Municipality every week, with the slogan“ Everywhere, Stage, Everywhere, Music ”, this week, February 14, Valentine’s Day special concert. Organized concert was canceled due to the martyrdom of 13 of our citizens.

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