May 31, 2023
Supervision tongs for markets in Yozgat Supervision tongs for markets in Yozgat

Supervision tongs for markets in Yozgat

The exorbitant price inspections initiated by the Yozgat Provincial Directorate of Commerce inspection teams in markets, stores and markets, acting on the instructions of the Ministry of Commerce, continue uninterruptedly.

YOZGAT (İGFA) – Yozgat Provincial Directorate of Commerce inspection teams, during the inspection process in the city center, examined the prices of 142 products in 40 companies and sent the reports they prepared to the Ministry. It has been learned that the reports will be examined by the Ministry of Commerce in the unfair price evaluation board and the companies that are determined to sell products at exorbitant prices will be fined.

While the exorbitant price inspections in Yozgat city center are carried out by the Provincial Trade Directorate teams, in the districts and towns, the supervision duty is given to the Yozgat Municipality. responsible police teams are running. Continuing inspections in the provinces, districts and towns of Yozgat, the teams examine the prices, labels and aisle-case prices in the markets, while they visit all the aisles and check the expiry dates of the products in the butcher and delicatessen departments. In the meantime, the teams that control the markets in terms of hygiene and general cleaning during inspections warn those who do not comply with hygiene.

After the inspections carried out for 10 days in Yozgat, discounts of around 10 percent were found in the label prices of eggs, oil and some foodstuffs. However, the discounts did not satisfy the consumers. Yozgat consumers announced that the decrease in the dollar was not reflected sufficiently in the prices.

Yozgat Provincial Trade Manager İbrahim Aktaş Yozgat was carried out strictly in order to prevent the sales of the products and the victimization of the citizens. “Our inspection teams work in the field at provincial level. In this process, we also follow up and evaluate the complaints submitted to our directorate. ”

Aktaş added that the inspections will continue even more tightly during Ramadan and before the festival and a decrease in prices is expected in the free market after a while.

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