September 24, 2023
Sultansuyu Stud Farm in Malatya should turn into a hippodrome Sultansuyu Stud Farm in Malatya should turn into a hippodrome

Sultansuyu Stud Farm in Malatya should turn into a hippodrome

CHP Malatya Provincial Chairman Enver Kiraz and Akçadağ Solidarity Association President Murat Maskar made a joint call and requested the construction of a Hippodrome at the Sultansuyu Stud Area.

MALATYA (İGFA) – Akçadağ Solidarity Association President Murat Maskar and Members of the board of directors visited the CHP Provincial Presidency and met with the president Enver Kiraz.

Speaking during the visit, Akçadağ Solidarity Association President Murat Maskar said, “Akçadağ Solidarity Association is an association that has been established for nearly twenty months. We made a management change two months ago. In our administration, we strive to establish a unity with its Alevi, Sunni, Argali, and Kürneli who embrace our Akçadağ district. Our common value, our aim is Akçadağ. Reminding that the Sultansuyu Stud Farm has been on the agenda lately, Maskar said, “We will protect the stud so that some people will not be given money. Stating that they wanted a hippodrome to be built there, Maskar said, “If there is a hippodrome, those parts of the city should also develop. At least our fellow countrymen from Akçadağ and Malatyalı can earn money and eat bread, take care of their family and provide job opportunities. It was a good thing that the Wagon Repair Factory was transferred to the Red Crescent. Many of our citizens will have jobs. I would like to thank our Provincial Chairman Enver Kiraz and the board members for hosting us again. ”

If CHP Malatya Provincial Chairman Enver Kiraz said. Reminding that the district of Akçadağ has a significant population, he drew attention to the recent studies that can serve as an example to many districts and the society with both associations and unions. Stating that they are in a structure that always supports such associations, Mayor Kiraz said, “Because these are structures that set out to keep their culture, traditions and customs alive, maintain the understanding above politics, try to ensure unity and solidarity in their region and seek the conditions of living together. We consider it important in this sense. As stated by our president, Akçadağ, Malatya is our concern. We live together in this country. Together we should find ways to live in peace in this country. ”

Kiraz said,“ I agree with what Murat Maskar, the President of the Akçadağ Solidarity Association, said about the Sultansuyu Stud Farm. . We all have to own it. From time to time, it is a place where various rumors are used. Expressions such that it will be moved, will be customized. We want Sultansuyu, which we oppose to this, as a very important value of Malatya, let alone privatize, grow and develop by building a hippodrome in the same area. Sultansuyu with beauty nowhere to be seen in Turkey thoroughbred, Arabian grew up a very important center, which trains the colt. We are against attempting to demolish the historical buildings in this center and renting out social facilities. Such steps will harm Malatya. The lease that is made out of the box must be canceled.

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