December 6, 2023
Stray animals project was an example to Turkey Stray animals project was an example to Turkey

Stray animals project was an example to Turkey

Animal lovers are in Muğla’s Fethiye district of Solidarity Group volunteer projects and work was an example to Turkey. Noting that they reached approximately 5,000 people with the group they set up on social media in Fethiye, Selda Korhan said, ‘We have many more projects in the coming period. We do not want to be restricted by Fethiye ‘he said.

Mugla (IGF A) – Fethiye animal lovers Solidarity Group Founder and General Manager Selda Korhan, it sets an example for all of Turkey. Stating that they received messages from Trabzon, Lüleburgaz, Adana, Şanlıurfa, Antalya, İzmir and Bilecik, Selda Korhan said; He stated that their aim is to create areas where stray animals can take shelter and protect.


Fethiye Animal Lovers Solidarity and Solidarity Group Founder and Manager Selda Korhan said, “After 15 years of banking in London, my hometown will definitely return I did. My biggest dream was to produce projects for street animals. We have implemented many projects so far. We reached up to 5 thousand people with our page where we started one person on social media. As a group, our primary goal is awareness. First of all, each of us chose different tasks for ourselves. Some of our group friends clean and disinfect after collecting unused items at home. They then sell them in second-hand markets for the benefit of street animals. With the revenues we earned here, we have provided a full-fledged animal ambulance to Fethiye Municipality. “First intervention is very important in animals, as it is in humans. Thus, we do not waste time from the scene until we reach the care center.”


Stating that the project works are carried out on a voluntary basis, Selda Korhan said, “In addition, we created a separate section of 5 decares for healthy and sick animals in the animal shelter. We surrounded this with wires. Here, the biggest support was given by Mr. Veli Pabuşçu, Head of Animal Rights Commission. Then we started a campaign on our page with our members. Every Cana Bir Hut campaign attracted great attention and we received donations to hundreds of clubs. Last week we placed these huts in our new pods. Fethiye Mayor Alim Karaca bought a hemogram (blood count) device as a result of the decision of the city council meeting. Thus, the creatures coming to our rehabilitation center will first go through a blood test. A solution must be placed in the machine to operate and test. Again, it would be wrong to expect support from administrators here. More analysis is possible In the group established by our English friend, they donated the donations collected from other friends to be used in the association of our Municipality to street animals. Another sister group founded by the British, their priority is sterilization. Neutering is very important for street animals and pets. It is getting healthier once more. It prevents them from getting many diseases. We became a big family. Again, a friend of our family members started to manufacture huts in his own garden. Completely voluntarily, without any charge… We started to settle the kennels in places where there is a high population of cats and dogs in Fethiye. We leave their blankets inside. We create living spaces with mini cat and dog parks. Another volunteer made food containers from recycled water pipes. We leave the food on the sidewalks. Our goal is to spread this to all the streets of Fethiye ”.


Founder and Manager of Fethiye Animal Lovers Solidarity and Solidarity Group, Selda Korhan said, “We have many more projects in the coming period. We do not want to be limited to Fethiye. Only in our county there are no stray cats and stray dogs. We want to be an example of cities across Turkey. Let’s spread these food bowls all over our country. May stray animals have the life they deserve throughout our country. We started to receive feedback on this. After we mounted our food bowls on the streets and shared them on our social media, some of our 8 provinces reached us on how to do it. We received messages from Trabzon, Lüleburgaz, Adana, Şanlıurfa, Antalya, İzmir and Bilecik. We demonstrated the manufacture of food bowls with messages and live videos. This shows us that we have achieved our goal. We want to do the same for the huts. Let there be places for street animals to take shelter and protect throughout the country. We have achieved this slowly in Fethiye. Now we are aiming to reach Turkey. Animal lovers can reach us by sending a message from our Fethiye Animal Lovers Social Media Group. We buy food with the revenues we earn from second hand markets. We deliver these foods to our volunteers who want to feed stray animals but have no means. This neighborhood or village does not matter. “We want to be a bridge between animal lovers”.

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