December 5, 2023
Special voices wanted in Siirt Special voices wanted in Siirt

Special voices wanted in Siirt

Siirt Municipality will organize an online music contest.

In the statement made by the Municipality, it was stated that the Social and Cultural Affairs Directorate will organize a vocal contest to discover young people’s talent at home and to encourage amateur artists in Turkish music.

SİİRT (İGFA) – Siirt Municipality announced that the competition covers people aged 16-30.

In the statement emphasized, “A person can participate in the competition with only one work. The works will be in the category of Turkish Folk Music. Video duration will not exceed one minute. The process will be in the form of pre-selection, semi-final and final. The candidate songs delivered in accordance with the specifications and on time will be evaluated by the selection committee. The works deemed worthy of first, second and third places will be announced. It was stated that every contestant who sends a video to the contest has given permission for the broadcast and use of the videos sent to the contest by Siirt Municipality.

In the statement made on the official site; “Studies will be evaluated by looking at criteria such as conformity to the category, mastery of the work, vocal width and sound quality, correct reading of words and diction. Videos received after the deadline will not be evaluated. Surprise awards will be given to the students ranking the highest. In addition, the ranking pictures will be published on the social media accounts of our municipality. The deadline for participation will be February 18 ”.

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